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If you decide to sell your property in Florida, you can be sure to have a strong and experienced partner at your side. As soon as you entrust us with the sale of your house, we will first carry out a personal inspection of the property. This gives us a precise idea of the property being sold and the location of the house. After the inspection, we will discuss with you whether any minor cosmetic repairs or improvements should be made in order to make the property even more attractive for sale. Thanks to our in-house handyman service, we are able to carry out smaller repairs quickly and easily for you. Keep in mind that the first visual impression is the most important for most buyers. That’s why well-kept outdoor facilities and a tasteful entrance area are the most important factors for successful marketing. If your property for sale is a property with a pool, it is equally important that the pool is in perfect and clean condition. Our in-house pool service will help you quickly and unbureaucratically.

If you still live in the property for sale, we will advise you to remove all personal items such as photos and excessive decorations. Likewise, all countertops in the kitchen and bathroom should be as free as possible of personal items such as newspapers, toiletries, etc. This makes your house look bigger and most importantly more impersonal, which is not without significance for a buyer. The potential buyer must be able to visually imagine that this is his future home. Experience has shown that this is best achieved when there are no personal belongings of the previous owner. Of course, the house and windows should always be clean for viewing. We will be happy to arrange house cleaning for you if required. We can also arrange for handyman services to carry out any repairs on your behalf.

We will perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your house. This is a detailed market analysis of the value of your house in comparison to recently sold and/or also available for sale houses in a similar location as your property. Based on this market analysis and your price expectations, we will jointly determine the selling price for your property. To ensure that you as the seller are fully informed at all times, we will give you an overview of the costs incurred for the sale at closing before the listing is accepted.

In addition to listing your house on our own homepage and putting up a sales sign in front of the property, we will include your property in the local MLS database (Multiple Listing Service). All connected brokers have access to this MLS database and can search the system according to the criteria of their own clients, thereby multiplying the sales potential. Of course, we will take professional photos of your house and property to offer your property at its best. With us, you can be sure that you will always be promptly informed about all interested parties and offers.

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