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Property Management

One-Time Check

One-Time Check

You are already the owner of a vacation rental and are working with a property management company. However, you have the feeling that their service used to be better. Maybe you just let acquaintances, friends or neighbors check on your property from time to time. You shy away from the regular costs of property management or have had bad experiences before. After some time, however, you become unsure whether your property is actually in the best hands. Your well-earned holidays in your own home increasingly turn out to be several weeks of work. The response of your vacation guests has been more positive in the past. Were or are necessary repairs really that expensive, was the service carried out at all or were defects eliminated? Attempts to hold clarifying discussions with your property management are becoming more and more difficult and tense. Expenditure has been exceeding income for a long time and there is no improvement in sight.

If you secretly ask yourself one or more of these questions, we will be happy to assist you with our one-time check for your vacation rental. As an independent service, we take a close look at your property as a whole. We are the first and so far only property management company to offer this service. This is the ideal way to get to know our property management skills firsthand and without obligation.

Our one-time check includes the following services:

Were existing problems corrected properly?



Are there any defects in the house that you don’t know of yet?



Are paid services really carried out properly?



Where and how could you possibly save costs?



Is the house maintained and clean and is your property actually looked after as you would do it yourself?



Are the guests really satisfied?

feel free to contact us.



Let us help you. We are your eyes and ears with our non-binding one-time check.



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