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Property Management

Basic Package

Basic Package

If you decide on our basic package, you can be sure that you will receive comprehensive care for your vacation home. As a first step, we make sure that service providers such as pool service, lawn service, and pest control start their regular work. We then start our comprehensive checks, which we carry out weekly. If the property is rented for a longer period of time, we only carry out checks on the outside area. We make a verbal inquiry with the tenant to ensure that everything is in order and that everything meets his expectations. We document all checks with photos and send them to you on request or if urgent action is required so that you are always up to date.

As an example, our weekly checks in the basic package include the following activities:

General visual inspection of indoor and outdoor areas

(e.g. cleanliness, damage, signs of vandalism or burglary).

sual and, if necessary, a functional inspection of all the important household appliances

(e.g. inspection/test run of dishwasher and washing machine during or after a longer vacancy of the property to prevent seals from drying out and breaking).

Testing for the functionality of TV, telephone, and internet

and, if necessary, other electronic devices (e.g. security system, answering machine).

Check whether the air conditioning system is optimally set

to save as much energy as possible during your absence and vacant periods. Check of the air filters.

Check of the sprinkler system

(e.g. functionality and compliance with legal watering regulations)

Inspection of all exterior and interior lights.

Inspection of all windows, doors and garage doors

on their functionality. Ensuring that they are properly closed.

Inspection of outdoor pool area, pool, whirlpool and screens

(e.g. ensuring that the pool service is doing its job properly; signs of severe water loss or proper water filling).

Inspection of gardens

(e.g. ensuring that the lawn service does its job properly; dry lawn; sick or diseased plants, trees or palms).

Regular flushing of all sanitary facilities

to avoid stains, odors or broken seals. This also applies to taps and showers.

Inspection of the mailbox

You will be informed about incoming mail, and we will dispose of flyers and newspapers.

Inspection for visible pests

indoors and outdoors such as ants, rodents or insects.

feel free to contact us.



We also regularlymonitor water and electricity levels to ensurethat consumptionis within normal limits. This allows us to quickly counteract a possible defect. Based on our inspectionswe give you repair and maintenance suggestions. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to implement them or not. Subsequently, we commission and monitorspecialist companiesin order to carry out necessary repair and maintenance work asquicklyas possible.



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