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Property Management

House checks and monitoring

Your wish of owning a property in Florida has come true for you. Now you are faced with the question of who should take care of your property while you are thousands of miles away. Uncertainty arises in you. Hopefully, everything is fine with my vacation rental. Are windows and doors locked? Is the water turned off? Hopefully, the air conditioning of the house does not fail at 90% humidity! How can I receive and process my mail?
Home 24/7 takes care of everything for you as your reliable property manager in Cape Coral and the surrounding area. We monitor, manage and look after your house while you are away. We also take care of everything necessary to keep your property attractive and well-kept for you and your guests and not to lower the value of your property. Beginning with pest control, pool service, maintenance of outdoor facilities up to the commissioning or execution of necessary repairs, desired modernizations or renovations. We also offer a large part of these services in-house.


Our property management service is geared towards you – not you towards our property management service.

Our monthly basic package offers you considerable security potential. As our service has a modular structure, you decide for yourself to what extent we will work for you. Whether you decide for or against our all-around service, it is up to you whether we handle the matter for you, or you would like to personally take care of things. You decide for yourself and there is no “all or nothing”. This is our understanding of modern property management.

Your vacation rental has been owned by you for some time and after a long search, you have initially decided to place it in the hands of a Cape Coral property manager. After a while, you will be surprised, and your initial euphoria will slow down. Your well-deserved vacation in your own home turns out to be a two-week work assignment. The initial positive feedback from your vacation guests is slowly turning negative. Are necessary repairs really that expensive, was the service carried out at all or were defects repaired? Clarifying conversations with your property management are getting more and more tense, accessibility worse and income has not covered expenses in a long time. You want to know what condition your property is currently in. Let us help you with this.


Smart property management – Our one-time house check

We are your eyes and ears with our non-binding one-time house check. We are the first and currently only property management company to offer you this service. This is the ideal introduction to experience our capabilities as property management without obligation and at first hand. If we have sparked your interest, you will find further information here.
We have made it our passion to look after not only your house but also your vacation guests with our property management in Cape Coral and the surrounding area. It starts with the preparation of your villa before the arrival of your guests. We provide a small welcome gift. During check-in, the guests receive a comprehensive briefing, and we also draw up a detailed protocol during check-out. This also includes the settlement of the costs for electricity and/or any other costs that may have to be settled. It is particularly important to us – with a consistently positive response – that we establish personal contact with your guests. A detailed guestbook is never as good as sharing a personal recommendation or experience. If the chemistry between guest and property management is right, the guest does not feel neglected. If well cared for, “a light bulb in the house can go defective and remain for the duration of the stay” without resulting in negative review.

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