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Maintenance and Repairs

Repair, Renovation, Modernization (Handyman)

Repair, Renovation, Modernization (Handyman)

No matter how carefully a home is cared for, there is always the possibility of defects or malfunctions. In most cases, these will result in minor or major repairs. This is exactly why we offer you our handyman service. You can be sure that your vacation villa is in the best hands with Home 24/7! Our in-house handyman service makes us your direct contact partner. This means you don’t have to worry about an extra handyman service in Cape Coral. We all know the not always reliable work of a local handyman.

Due to the weekly house checks, we will quickly identify defects, so that repairs can be carried out right after consulting you. We are always ready to keep your vacation home in perfect condition for you and your guests. You can also rely on our service if major repairs that require the involvement of a licensed specialist company become necessary. We work together with a network of different trades such as sanitary installers, specialist companies for air conditioning systems, electrical installers, etc.

We place great importance on the companies being registered and insured. In the case of cost-intensive measures, we will obtain several comparative offers for you on request. You alone then decide whether or which offer you accept. After the order has been placed, we monitor the repair measures until completion. You can always rely on us to keep you up to date!

You are a new owner of a vacation home in Florida and would like to rebuild the house according to your ideas? Your vacation villa is a little outdated? Are modernization measures planned to keep the house attractive for you and your guests? You can count on our know-how and support. We take care of obtaining offers, monitor and supervise the measures and give you regular feedback on current developments. We also support you in obtaining permits and communicating with the authorities. Smaller jobs are handled quickly and unbureaucratically by our handyman service.

Our service goes even further

Have you bought a house or been a homeowner for some time and now want to rent out the property as a vacation villa for the first time? However, this process is extremely difficult because you cannot be there in person? Home 24/7 is also your competent partner for furnishing and equipping your vacation home. Whether you need a complete furnishing or just help with the reception and assembly of your selected furniture, we can help you at any time. From our experience in leasing and guest responses, we know exactly what customers value in a vacation home. We will gladly advise you regarding furnishings and decoration so that your villa will be successful in its rental phase. Especially when it comes to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furnishings, guests will appreciate every little detail and the fact that they will find all the items that will contribute to a successful and relaxing holiday.
A while back, Hurricane Irma has shown that Florida’s Gulf Coast is not safe from major natural disasters. This makes it even more important to be well prepared in the event of a catastrophe. Do not wait until it is too late! The hurricane shutters cannot be installed fully or not at all? Screws are damaged, do not fit or are missing or the installation costs valuable time because the shutters are simply not stored in the correct order or are not numbered? We are happy to help you with the organization of the shutters to ensure a fast installation in case of emergency. In case of a hurricane, we handle the communication with the guests after consultation with you. We install the shutters and help to make the house hurricane safe. After the storm, we will carry out an inspection promptly and inform you immediately of any damage that may have occurred. All these activities are handled quickly and unbureaucratically by our handyman service.

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he Home 24/7 principle

Our biggest advantage is our ability to react quickly. Imagine the following situation, and the old hands among you will know that this is more than realistic:
New guests arrive at the house and the dishwasher breaks or a faucet doesn’t work properly. Your current property management now needs to contact their handyman. Under certain circumstances, he may not have time right away and does not work very thoroughly and accurately. The guests are angry, and this may lead to a bad rating. We all know what a bad rating means in the era of Fewo-Direkt, AirBnB or Booking.com. The Home24/7 principle works as follows: The briefing is done by the caretaker and handyman. During the briefing, we identify the defects and, if possible, remedy them on site within minutes so your tenants can start their vacation with a good feeling. This, in turn, may lead to a positive rating and possibly further bookings.



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