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Lawn and Garden Service

Lawn and Garden Service

The outside areas of your vacation villa are the first impressions your guests will receive upon arrival. These first impressions count! A well-kept lawn, as well as neatly cut hedges and palm trees, are essential for a successful first impression. However, keeping your outdoor facilities in an impeccable and attractive condition at all times is more extensive than you might be accustomed to.

The heavy daily rainfall, hot temperatures, and high humidity in the summer will make your lawn and plants grow very quickly. Due to a persistent drought in winter, however, it is essential for the watering system to function properly in order to maintain your green areas. A wide spectrum of insects and creepy-crawlies do not make the preservation of the garden a self-runner, but rather a real challenge. No matter if lawn and landscape maintenance, new vegetation or expansion, Home 24/7 has the right partners for lawn and garden service in Cape Coral! We also cooperate with reliable companies in the field of pest and weed control as well as in all aspects of watering systems.

Lawn service:

Regular lawn service in Cape Coral is essential, especially during the summer months. Depending on the weather, you can literally watch the grass grow. A weekly growth of up to 20 centimeters is not uncommon. Our partners reliably ensure that your lawn is always treated professionally and well-maintained. The basic service includes:

Weekly mowing of the grassy areas in the summer months; mowing as required in the winter months (usually every two weeks)

Cutting of borders and edges along property boundaries, house walls, and frames of planting beds

Removal of remaining grass on driveways, sidewalks, and roads

Weed control in flower beds

Garden service:

Just like your lawn, your plants, bushes, trees or palms require special and regular care. Here, too, regular pruning is essential. As a result, your harmoniously and tastefully coordinated tropical garden will always remain in an attractive and well-kept condition, even during extreme weather conditions or weather changes. Where necessary, we offer the following services:

Removal of cut-off or dead branches and palm leaves

Pruning of bushes, shrubs, trees, and palms

Cleaning of the flower beds and removal of weeds if necessary

Removal of green waste

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Pest Prevention and Fertilization:

Not only regular maintenance of lawns and plants and enough watering ensure that your garden remains green and healthy. It is also very advisable to fertilize your property at regular intervals and take measures to prevent possible pest infestation at the same time. There are a lot of vermin, especially in tropical areas like Florida. Without proper treatment of your garden, they may pose a threat to the health of humans, flora, and fauna. We warmly recommend the following independent services of our service partners:

Pest control/prevention for lawns and plants

Fertilizer service for your lawn and plants

Pest control and prevention in and around your home

Weed control and prevention for lawns and plantings

Nothing stands in the way of a healthy and flowering tropical garden with our partners in the Cape Coral lawn and garden service!



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