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Maintenance and Repairs

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Maintenance and Repairs

The first impression counts! You probably do so yourself: as soon as you arrive at your vacation home, you take a close look at all the rooms. Most vacationers, especially guests from Germany, attach great importance to cleanliness as well as coziness. Therefore, it is our aim to prepare the vacation homes entrusted to us in an impeccable, clean and tidy condition for your guests. Below you will find detailed information about our services.

General final cleaning, house cleaning:

Time is often short after the departure of guests, as the next vacationers have already announced their arrival for the same afternoon. Of course, they expect the same cleaning standards as when there is more time available for cleaning due to booking gaps. For this reason, you need a trustworthy and reliable service partner for house cleaning in Cape Coral. You have come to the right place at Home 24/7! We will always keep your property in perfect condition, even under time pressure. We work together with trained and qualified cleaning personnel carefully selected by us. Furthermore, we inspect the house after each cleaning so that we can give a 100% cleanness guarantee! The following services are included in the general house cleaning of your villa in Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Beach, and Sanibel Island:

Washing and drying of all used towels, kitchen towels, and bed linen.

Thorough dusting including cleaning of kitchen and other cupboards.

Thorough cleaning of bathrooms and toilets including disinfection.


Cleaning of used dishes left behind and placing them in the kitchen cupboards.

Inspection of the cupboards and drawers for any items left behind by the tenants.

Fresh bedding, decorative provision of towels in the bathrooms.


Mopping all floors, vacuuming of carpets.

Cleaning of glass tables, mirrors, and windows with visible fingerprints.

Washing and adjusting the patio furniture, cleaning of the grill.

Emptying and cleaning of the refrigerator and freezer, disposal of left behind garbage and provision of the bins for garbage collection.

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After a longer rental-free period without guests, your vacation villa generally needs a fresh-up. This involves a one-time dusting, cleaning and mopping the floor of any dead insects and fluffing and decoratively placing all cushions and towels. The cleaning staff also operates all taps and toilets and wipes out the sinks.

Deep clean:

The general house cleaning after the departure of the vacation guests includes a thorough cleaning of the property, but not all areas of the house are cleaned. This would exceed the time frame between the individual rentals. That is why our house cleaning team at Cape Coral also offers a deep cleaning service. It is advisable to have this carried out every six months. In addition to the services of the general house cleaning, the cleaning staff also carries out the following duties:

Emptying all kitchen cupboards and drawers, cleaning them and tidying up crockery and cutlery.

Thorough dusting of decoration and plants.

Pulling out the beds, sofas, washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator – if possible – and cleaning behind and under them.

Cleaning of couch cushions and curtains.

Dusting of ceiling fans, blinds, and air conditioning exhausts/intakes.

Window cleaning:

While general house cleaning removes visible dirt and fingerprints from sliding doors, it does not include thorough cleaning of windows and window frames. We recommend cleaning the windows two to three times a year so that you and your guests can always enjoy the view. After washing the window frames, the windows are carefully cleaned from the inside and outside with no streaks left behind.


High-pressure cleaning:

n order to give the exterior of your vacation home an attractive, clean and tidy appearance, we offer various high-pressure cleaning services. We use various products to remove oil, tar, grease, mold, and rust. This can be done in the following areas:

Driveways and sidewalks around the house.

Patios, pool decks, pool cages, garden furniture, boat decks.

Gutters, roofs, garage doors, window frames, and house façades.

No matter which kind of service you choose, we are always at your side for all your cleaning needs with our Cape Coral house cleaning service!



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