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Income from renting a vacation home in the USA is associated with a wide variety of tax obligations. It is good if you, as the owner of a property, can rely on a reliable and competent partner who will assist you in all tax matters. You can count on us 100%!
Your rental income is subject to both a sales tax and a tourist tax. The sales tax has to be paid to the Florida Department of Revenue, whereas the tourist tax is levied by the respective county. Each type of tax requires a separate tax number. We will be happy to handle the application for all necessary identification numbers as well as the preparation of the corresponding tax returns for you. The latter, depending on the amount of rental income, usually must be prepared quarterly. We also ensure that the taxes due are paid on time.
Under certain circumstances, you may also be subject to various tax obligations as a result of commissioning trades and service providers to maintain and repair your property. We will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, ensure a reliable and timely preparation and submission of the relevant forms to the US tax authorities.
Even if you are not an American citizen and do not have a permanent residence permit for the USA, the income from renting your property obliges you to file a personal annual income tax return in the USA. We will be happy to assist you in this regard as well. We take care of the preparation and submission to the American tax authorities. In this context, we are always available as contact persons for IRS queries and take care of the communication with the authorities on your behalf.
Are you an American citizen, do you have dual citizenship, are you permanently resident in the USA via a visa or are you fortunate enough to have a Green Card that gives you a “permanent resident status”? Do you have any other income in Europe besides your American income? Do you manage your real estate not as a private person but within the framework of a company founded specifically for this purpose and do you possibly have to file tax returns at company level? We will be happy to help you! All your tax obligations are in the best hands with Accounting 24/7!

Our range of tax services at a glance:


Application for all necessary tax numbers


 Communication with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


Timely preparation and payment of the sales and tourist tax and communication with the relevant authorities


Preparation of tax returns at company level


Preparation of your personal annual income tax return


Handling of further tax obligations within the scope of the commissioning of contractors and service providers

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