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Founding a Company, Accounting and Taxes

Due to many years of professional experience in finance, tax and accounting in various international companies, we are also familiar with US-American regulations, rules and laws and are therefore able to comply with them for our clients and implement them on time. With us, you can be sure to place your finances in trusting hands, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you decide to rent the vacation property through a company set up specifically for this purpose, there are several things to consider, both at the time of founding and afterward, in order to keep the newly established company active. We would be happy to handle this for you!

Sure, you know it: It is the beginning of the year and it is time for your tax return! Now all of the documents of the past year have to be searched together in laborious work in order to hand them over to the tax consultant. To avoid this stress, we can help you with our accounting service. If you choose this module from our range of services, we will regularly record all financial transactions relating to your property. Due to the continuous accounting of all transactions, whether it is the outgoing payment of an invoice or the incoming payment of your rental income, it is possible to perform various evaluations such as an overview of income and expenses or of all account activities, so that you always have full control over your finances and know what is going on with your property.

Besides the reporting and payment of the Sales Tax and Tourist Tax, you are also obliged to submit a personal income tax return to the US authorities, taking into account any double taxation agreements. By taking over these tax returns as well as other matters relating to tax obligations, we round off our range of services for our property management clients.

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